Examples of Installation work
Sushi -  8 mins
Adobe Moving Image award 2002

Exhibited in Truman Brewery, Brick Lane 2002
Porobello film an video festival 2003
Kino Teatr, East Sussex  2015

Romantic Villanelle -  2 min 15s
A collaboration with the poet and artist Liz Finch

Exhibited in 1999 at The Brighton Festival and The Electric Palace Hastings and in 2016 at the Kino Teatr

Origin -  26 sec preview
Installation Commission featuring Artist Rebecca Youssefi

Exhibited at  Souce Park skateboard center East Sussex 2017

Far lights -  1 min 20s
This is an on going experimentation installation
Sequence 01.00_03_19_04.Still013.jpg
Video coming soon

Exhibited in 2011 Glasgow Art Club 2013