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Born in UK 1963

1999-2002 Studied BA Digital Art / TV Production at London College of Music and Media, Ealing.


​After Graduating LCMM in 2002 with a BA Degree in Digital Art / TV Production  I went on to produce web based digital art and video works in London for exhibitions and galleries. At this time I was also working creating animations for the Sanctuary group in Shepherds Bush, London and Virgin in-flight entertainment. 
Other employment over this period included working as Director of Photography and sometimes Art Director on music videos and promos. This lead to employment as Video editor in Mother advertising agency in St Johns street, Farringdon. Over this period I continued to work as a Video editor for various companies. Shortly after this period I began work as a freelance cameraman on a high profile reality TV shows such as Big Brother and other TV shows and series from 2004 to 2020.
I have also had various teaching appointments as a visiting lecturer. I gave a lecture in 'The history of Digital Art at Bexhill College in 2010 and  at Camden and Islington College teaching Video Editing and Video Editing at Brighton University in 2017.

I have also maintained an interest in the arts, occasionally working on Arts council projects and productions for artists such as the British painter  Alan Rankle, French Algerian Artist Patrick Altes, Photo / video artist Malcolm Glover, Brazilian Artist Claudia du Grandi  and the Bare Foot Opera.
I have prioritised work as a Video Editor in the last few years working in various commercial areas and am currently exploring 3d virtual production and
learning environment building software such as Unreal Engine.


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