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Installation  8 mins

Exhibited in Truman Brewery, Brick Lane 2002
Porobello film an video festival 2003
Kino Teatr, East Sussex  2015

Adobe Moving Image award 2002

Insight Magazine review 2002
Eddie Knights intelligently Stylish and lavish piece is an
Award winner executed  with refreshing artistic skill and would be at home in a theater as it is as an installation.


Sushi is an Installation video and monologue. In general it is an apocalyptic comment on genetic engineering infiltration into the food chain. This subject was a fairly new issue at the time. The piece was technically made for the final work of my degree in Digital Art at the London College of Music and Media.  Due to it's popularity it was subsequently exhibited in The Truman Brewery gallery in Brick Lane for several months beyond the show. The installation went on to win an award and was featured for review in several publications.

sushi 2.png
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